Grommet Zipper Repair kit Golden Brown Tape Brass

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"1930s Repro Grommet Zipper"

SliderPlease choose one of the following four sliders.
1.Waldes (Auto Lock)

2.Waldes (Conmar Type Pin Lock)

3.Waldes (Talon line Type pin lock)

4.Waldes (Talon Type Pin lock)

5.Hookless (Pin lock)

6.Waldes (Talon bell type Pin lock)

The zipper includes:

1.Zipper Tape (teeth) 1pcs

2.Slider 1pcs

3.Top Stop 2pcs

4.Grommet rivet 2pcs

5.Washer 2pcs

  • Condition

    There zipper is NEW! PARFECT condition!

    The work of this zipper is a little hard. And it is hard to close a little.
    The zipper for professional.


    Tape Color : Golden Brown

    Tape Material : 100% Cotton

    Teeth Material : Brass

  • Size

    Tape length (Retainer box end to Top stop)
    58.0cm (Include top stop)


    Teeth width


    Tape width


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